Year 4


The Ancient Greeks

Hazel and Willow Autumn Term 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

A very warm welcome back to Year 4! We are very excited to start the new year.

Our learning for this first term will be based around the topic ‘The Ancient Greeks’.

ENGLISH - In Literacy, we will be reading and researching Greek myths and monsters, followed by The Journey of Odysseus and The Wooden Horse of Troy. Through these exciting texts the children will learn to write in different genres whilst studying the book and focus on reading, writing and grammar skills.

MATHS-The focus for this term will be on place value, area, addition and subtraction as well as multiplication and division. While covering these areas we will focus on fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills. All children are expected to recall all times table facts (up to 12x12) by the end of Year 4. Your support would be appreciated in helping them to consolidate these important facts.

TOPIC- The following subjects (where possible) will be linked with the world of ancient Greece. In History, the children will be looking at myths and legends and studying the effects of Ancient Greek life on the modern world.

In Geography, we will be studying settlements, whilst again, linking this to modern Greece

In Science, the children will be identifying what they know and what they need to know about sound whilst making links to the world around them. In DT the children will be building The Parthenon from recycled household materials, thereby developing their building and designing skills.


In Year 4 we will continue to use the school’s ‘Reach for the Stars’ behaviour and reward system. All children start the day on the Earth – this shows the children are behaving in the expected manner. When children are showing behaviour above what is expected they move onto the moon and possibly even the star! They will do this by showing behaviours such as great class participation, answering questions, doing the right thing, showing kindness, thoughtfulness, helpfulness and showing that extra strive to do well. The children also have the opportunity to work towards being ‘Star of the Week’! This will continue to be awarded for making exceptional effort in any aspect of school life throughout the week. Children will move onto the thundercloud if their behaviour or actions are proving unkind, inappropriate or disruptive to the learning of others, whether in class or around the school. It is the chance to think about changing behaviour to do the right thing. After Lunch and break, all children move back to the Earth.


Stars – at the end of the day, if your child is on the star they will receive a Dojo and a table point

A ‘Star of the Week’ will be chosen each week and they will receive their certificate in our Celebration Assembly on Friday.

In addition, Good work/ behaviour/ act of kindness etc will receive a Dojo. A cumulative effort over the week will mean every child on the table at the end of the week with the most table points will get 3 Dojos each


Regular reading with your child will really support them with their learning across all areas of the curriculum as reading underpins so much of the work that we do. Please could you encourage and ensure your child is reading on a daily basis. Time spent reading should be recorded in the ‘Home Reading Diary.

Children can change their reading books as often as they need to and children are encouraged to select a variety of books rather than always having a fiction book.

Reading diaries which should be sent to school every day in your child’s book bag. We aim to check reading diaries every Friday; your child will receive a Dojo if they have read on at least five days of the previous week.


By the end of Year 4, all children should be able to recall all the times tables/division facts from 1 to 12. This learning should primarily be done at home, but children are given targets while at school. Children will be rewarded with Dojos for progress and hard work.

Children will be given spellings on the Friday and tested the following Friday.

This year children are expected to be able to complete a Maths or English task each week. These tasks will be linked to the learning that has taken place in the classroom so the children will have a good understanding of what is needed. The expectation is that these tasks will be set on a Monday and completed by the following Monday. Children in Year 4 are invited to join their peers from the rest of the school in completing an optional creative termly project. This term we would like to invite you to help your child create an optional project based around our topic of ‘Ancient Greek’.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you and your child:

  • Write your own Greek myth
  • Produce a fact file about Ancient Greece
  • Design your very own temple or Iron Man
  • Create your own mask or costume

We hope you enjoy working with your child on their project and look forward to seeing them on Monday the 2nd of December

PE will continue to be twice a week. PE days are as follows:

Indoor PE – both classes - Tuesday Outdoor PE – both classes - Friday

Please could we ask that children are supplied with a pair of outdoor trainers, a pair of dark blue or black jogging bottoms and an extra fleece or jumper to wear in order to keep them warm.


In Year 4 all the children will start off writing in pencil and move onto writing in pen when it’s felt that they are ready. However, in Maths, the children will always write in pencil. The children need to use a consistent form of handwriting (including correct letter formation and copying correctly) in all work before they are allowed to write

using a pen.

  • Children can have two pairs of shoes in school: outdoor shoes for playtime and indoor shoes.
  • Please make sure that all items of school uniform and P.E Kit are named, so that if they are misplaced they can be easily returned to the rightful owner!
  • Named water bottles should be brought in everyday and placed in the trays.

Mr Loizides, Mrs Cantillon, Mrs Nassiri, Mrs Davis, Mrs Latham

The Year Four Team