Sports Premium Statement 2016-17

Sport Premium Statement – Blackwell Primary

The sport premium is an allocation of additional funding from the Department for Education, given to every school with primary age children to support the development of Physical Education, School Sport and Competition. This money is ring-fenced and is due to be provided until 2020.

All schools are required to report on the amount of funding received and how this is being used, as well as the impact this is having on pupils.

For 2016-2017 Blackwell Primary School is due an allocation of £9,170 and it will be used as follows:

Mid Sussex Active Membership; our local School Sports Partnership that provide a wide and varied service.                                      COST £4000   IMPACT EVIDENCE

This includes:

  • Organising competitions and festivals including opportunities for children from year 2- 6 – see ‘Increased Competition’ for further details
  • Providing a programme of Professional Development for members of our staff that need support as well as for local coaches that work within our area and our school.
  • Providing specialist advice and support from our local secondary school.
  • Support for developing young sports leaders within our school which allows us to introduce and extend competitive opportunities in our own school.
  • Training and deploying Sports Leaders from our local secondary school that both enhance the activities we send students to, as well as providing activities within our school to a wide range of children.
  • See for further information and reports about events/training/calendar etc…

See the CPD box below for the courses attended this year.

  • Increased range of opportunities
  • Increased pupil participation in competitive activities
  • Increased pupil awareness of opportunities available in the community
  • Increased staff knowledge and understanding
  • More sustainable workforce
  • Enhanced quality of provision
  • The sharing of best practice
  • Positive impact on middle leadership

  • MSA partners report
  • CPD records – see ‘CPD Supply’ for further details.
  • Schools data collection / registers
  • School Games data
  • School Games Award
  • See ‘Intra and Inter-School Competition’ for further details
  • Photographs and match reports

Activate EG Project       COST  £2,000 IMPACT EVIDENCE
Payment to join Activate; an organisation that provides high quality sports coaching to children in primary schools using links with local East Grinstead Sports Clubs.
  • Increased pupil awareness of opportunities available in the community
  • Increased sport specific knowledge in staff
  • Increased OSH clubs offered.
  • Pupils receive high quality PE lesson delivered by specialist coach
  • Planning from coaches
  • Notes made by staff
  • Feedback from staff
  • Aut Term – Squash Coach Yr 3,4,5
  • Aut Term – Gym Coach Yr 2,3
  • Spr Term – Dance Coach yr3,6
  • Spr Term – Rugby Coach Yr 5,6
  • Sum Term – TBC
  • Sum Term - TBC
  • OSH – Gym Club yr 2,3,4,5
  • OSH – Cricket club summer term
CPD Supply                     COST £1,300 IMPACT EVIDENCE
  • PE Leaders Meeting aut term pm - £50
  • PE Leaders meeting spr term pm - £50
  • SB Netball CPD half day (cover SL) £50
  • KN and SB Hockey CPD half day (cover SL and JB) £140
  • OS Dance CPD half day (cover JM) £100
  • KN West Sussex PE Conference £120 (£80 discount through MSA membership)and day cover JB £120
  • OS Sports Crew training half day supply£100
  • KN - Tag Rugby – twilight
  • DD and RW – Tennis half day £100
  • KN OAA – all day – JB covered £120
  • SB – Cricket - twilight
  • Subject and Middle Leaders course – all day - LL £350
  • Subject Leaders network at cluster PE Meetings, plan future events and reflect on past events.
  • Subject Leaders develop knowledge on delivery of O/S PE lessons that can be passed onto staff.
  • Keep up to date with new initiatives and strategies in PE.
  • Staff transfer knowledge gained on CDP courses into their lessons.

Calendar of competitions

  • Children entered into inter-school competitions
  • CPD Course resources uploaded onto the school shared drive for all staff to access.
  • Lesson plans
  • SSP Statement Published
  • School Games Award

Resources                     COST £417.55 IMPACT EVIDENCE
  • Imoves Dance Resource £283.50 (a year for 3 years)
  • Sports Day Medals£84.24
  • 24 x Rugby Tops £50
  • Re-cover Gym Table (failed safety check) £44.81
  • More confident and competent staff in dance teaching.
  • Music accessible for dance teaching
  • Motivate pupils, reward achievement
  • Children feel part of a team and take pride in representing the school.
  • Detailed in weekly planning.
  • Feedback from staff
  • Pupil conversations
  • Photographs taken at sports events

OSH Opportunities          

                                       COST £ 374

  • Rounder’s Club @ £12a session for 12 weeks - £144
  • Hockey practice sessions x 2 hours HLTA £24
  • Gym Practice sessions x 2 hours HLTA £24
  • Resources for new OSH clubs running in summer term e.g. Dodgeball - £139 and tennis balls £43

Staff also run a range of OSH clubs voluntarily, e.g. netball, football, running, karate, sports crew and goblin car racing. To try to increase participation of pupils in lower KS2 and pupils that don’t attend school clubs we surveyed the pupils and parents in the spring term, offering a range of clubs for the summer term from rambling to dodgeball. The clubs  that received the most votes were dodgeball, basketball, rounders and athletics so we will be offering these voluntarily in the summer term. We will also invite pupils that don’t attend an OSH club to our lunch time ‘sports crew’ club in the summer term.

Independent coaches also run a range of OSH clubs at Blackwell including, dance, gym, tennis, football and cricket. SSP money is not used to run these clubs.

  • Increased participation in out of school hours clubs.
  • Prepare children to take part in competitions so they can play with confidence and enjoyment.

  • Club registers
  • Gym result -4th place
  • Hockey results - 2nd and 3rd place
  • Clubs and Competition Tracker

Percentage of pupils participated in OSH clubs:

53% Year 6 rising to 83% by 25/07

61% Year 5 rising to 90% by 25/07

45% Year 4* rising to 53% by 25/07

44% Year 3*rising to 63% by 25/07

74% Year 2 rising to 76% by 25/07

75% Year 1 rising to 80% by 25/07

Percentage of pupils participated in leadership activities:

83% Year 6

52% Year 5

5% Year 4

*We anticipate that these figures will have increased by the end of the year as we are offering more clubs to Years 3/4 during the summer term.

Inter and Intra School Competition                                      COST £1,078 IMPACT EVIDENCE

Blackwell Primary School has taken part in 23 inter-school competitions this year which have included the following sports; netball, football, rugby, cricket, athletics, swimming, cross country, boccia, new age kurling, tennis, squash, gymnastics, dance, golf, multi-skills, stoolball, hockey and the goblin car racing.

Mid-Sussex Active offer competitions in a variety  of different sports to appeal to a range of children with differing interests and abilities.

Children need to be accompanied to these events and this requires us to cover costs of covering the member of staff taking them.

During sports week we run a timetable of intra-school competitions where all pupils can compete against each other in within their sports day team colours in a variety of different sports. Sports week is run during curriculum time and is not funded using SSP money.

Pupils also compete against each other during extra-curricular clubs and within PE lessons.

See Excel spreadsheet for full breakdown.

Table Tennis Resources for Sports Week

£130 (Nets and Balls)

  • 90% of Year 6 and 77% of Year 5 have taken part in inter-school competition.
  • Children have opportunities to take part in a wide range of sporting competition.
  • If children have a positive experience at these competitions they are more likely to want to join a community club and continue into their teenage years and adulthood.
  • Children are engaged on physical activity, rather than being sedentary.
  • Children learn to accept the outcomes of competition.
  • Children to learn to perform under pressure.
  • Children learn to prepare and practice for competition.
  • Achieved Sainsbury’s School Games Gold, through meeting club, competition and leadership criteria
  • Clubs and Competition Tracker.
  • Photos and Match reports
  • School Games Gold Award

Percentage of  pupils participated in inter-school competitions*:

90% Year 6*

77% Year 5*

58% Year 4*

15% Year 3*

Percentage of pupils participated in at least one  intra-school competition during the Year:

100% Year 6

100% Year 5

100% Year 4

100% Year 3

100% Year 2

100% Year 1

100% Year R

*We anticipate these figure will increase by the end of the year as they do not including competitions run during the summer term.

Achieved Sainsbury’s School Games Gold Award (third consecutive year)
  • Maintained a high level of participation in intra and inter-school competitions.
  • Maintained our Crew of young leaders.
  • Maintained our high level of extra-curricular participation.
  • Will run a sports day for all pupils to take part in.
  • Certificate of achievement displayed in school foyer.
  • Sports Day photos and report in newsletter
Mid Sussex School Sports Partnership Awards Blackwell were recognised for developing young leaders in school for the second year running.
  • Leading the way Award - displayed in school foyer.
Total: £9,170