Parent Partnership Protocol

Blackwell Primary School's Parent Partnership Protocol

A Protocol to support parental engagement during the education journey for children and young people with special educational needs

This Protocol has been developed at the request of parents, to support their engagement in the education journey for children with Special Educational Needs. It includes some principles that underpin their child's education.

West Sussex County Council, parents, schools and Colleges are all committed to providing the best attainment and outcomes for children and young people with Special Educational Needs from age 0-19 (or 25 years where appropriate).

Aims & Objectives
• To provide all children and young people with an education that is appropriate to their age, aptitude and ability
• To provide guidance for families regarding their child's education
• To involve children/young people and parents/carers in an open and transparent planning process
• To help parents/carers to understand where and when practical help and support can be provided.
• To build confidence in joint plans created for individual children.

• Families are entitled to know what they can expect to happen at each stage of their child's education journey; how parents/carers will be involved and what schools will do
• Everyone will work together to support pupil progress, and to enhance individual learning pathways
• Everyone is committed to open and honest communications; to consulting each other and to provide feedback as needed
• Parents/carers are entitled to have ongoing involvement throughout their child's education; to be involved in discussions, plans and decisions made, particularly during transition.
• Everyone will ensure that the child or young person's needs remain paramount, taking into account Every Child Matters, the Lamb Report and current legislation.

This Protocol has been developed by parents, supported by West Sussex County Council. It cannot be implemented without the support of schools, Colleges and other learning settings. All partners are asked to signal their commitment to this Protocol by adding their logo, posting it to their website and informing the Parent Partnership Service either on 0845 075 1008 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

An annual review of this Protocol will be led by the Parent Partnership Service with parents, supported by WSCC.