Ethos and Values


The School's Vision

Our new vision statement was rewritten at the start of 2016.  It reflects our overarching aims, ethos and values:

At Blackwell Primary School we keep children at the heart of all we do. We offer them an irresistible invitation to learning and aim to be East Grinstead's school of choice.  By providing opportunities for them to discover and develop their unique talents and abilities, we nurture the whole child and enable all learners to make outstanding progress.  Together with our children, we reach for the stars!

Each child is afforded equal opportunities within the school in order that they may achieve their full potential whatever their race, gender, religion, class, disability or learning need. Each child and adult within the school community is valued equally as an individual.

The children are taught to become caring and contributing members of the school society where values such as sharing, consideration, respect, politeness, hard work, determination and good behaviour are openly promoted.
We expect high standards of behaviour from the children and adults in our school.

All staff are responsible for ensuring that there is safe and acceptable behaviour by:
• Promoting and rewarding positive behaviour.
• Pre-empting and preventing poor behaviour by organising and managing children in a way that gives them the chance to demonstrate self-discipline.
• Providing a positive role model children need.
• Reinforcing and encouraging the expected standards.
• When it arises, dealing with unacceptable behaviour following the established action plan and strategies.
• Responding to children in a way that will foster their self-confidence and self-worth.
• Support each other in maintaining the above and show sensitivity to each other's needs and difficulties.

Children with high levels of self-esteem are confident learners, enjoy the respect of their peers and develop into positive members of our school's learning community. There is a direct link between children's self-esteem, their behaviour and the extent to which they achieve academically.

The school motto is 'Reach for the Stars':


Our latest Ofsted report (December 2016) states that our ‘pupils are confident, polite and friendly.  They have good attitudes to learning, behave well and feel safe.’  It also states that ‘pupils benefit from a broad and varied curriculum that, alongside other opportunities, promotes their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development effectively.’  We are also very proud of the sporting opportunities our children receive whilst they are here.  This again was noted by the recent Ofsted inspection; having said that, we are very aware of the areas for improvement, as highlighted by the inspection.  Together we are working tirelessly to address these areas for improvement quickly and effectively.