Year 2


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Year 2 - Rabbits and Hares


What is the best way for Mrs Armitage to travel?

We hope you all have a lovely break over the Easter holidays and that the children are ready for their new learning next term!

Connected Curriculum

As you may know, this term the school is launching into the connected curriculum. As their focus, Year 2 will be looking at, ‘Where do the bong trees grow?’


Please continue to support your child with developing their maths skills. Times table practice of the 2, 5 and 10 tables is a key element of Year 2, and challenging them to know the corresponding division facts will really help! Time is also a key area of learning in both Year 2 and Year 3. Practise looking at analogue and digital clocks, getting your child to recognise what the short and long hands on the clock show and what the different numbers round the clock mean. There are many great interactive web games available, which the children really enjoy and which will support the children with their learning, such as: / / /


Reading practice is of the utmost importance; it really is the foundation of all learning, and it allows the children to access all areas of the curriculum. As such, we aim for the children to read with an adult at home every day. We cannot emphasise enough the impact that daily reading can make to your child’s learning and would greatly appreciate your support with this. Some handy tips regarding reading with your child can be found on our class web page.

The children will bring home reading books appropriate for their level. Once they have finished their book, they will exchange it for another when they come into school in the mornings. If they prefer to read a book they have from home, or one from East Grinstead library, this is not an issue, as the important thing is that your child is reading daily a book, comic or magazine that they enjoy. Please read with them every day and ensure their reading diary is signed every time they read. They should hand their reading diary in every day so that it can be checked. They will receive a dojo merit every time a page (1 side) of their reading diary has been completed.


Spellings will continue to be sent home on Mondays, but will be tested in school on Fridays. We follow the ‘Song of Sounds’ phonics scheme which covers the Year 2 spelling curriculum, and so the spellings the children receive will be directly linked to their class phonics learning. There is no set recommended way of learning spellings, so the children may learn them however they wish. Spelling is a really important and challenging part of the Year 2 curriculum, so please support the work the children are doing in school by ensuring they learn them at home. Plus, children who achieve full marks in their spellings tests will receive a dojo merit!

Out of Lesson Learning

The children will continue to be given Out of Lesson Learning (OLL) on Mondays and this will be due the following Monday. As per the autumn term, they will be set alternating Maths and Literacy activities and an explanation sheet of the task will be given. Please feel free to support your child if needed when they are completing the activities and if anything is unclear, do ask us or encourage your child to speak to us during the week and we will provide support.

We ask that OLL be completed in pencil, as this is what the children are used to at school and it helps to keep their work neat. As in previous years, the children will also be given the chance to complete an OLL project this term, linked to either of our topics – ‘What is the best way for Mrs Armitage to travel?’ And ‘Where do bong trees grow?’. You will find a copy of the OLL Project notes on our web page.


Please ensure that the appropriate P.E. kit (Blackwell P.E. T-shirt, navy shorts, plimsolls) is in school and available throughout the week at all times. Children should also have a pair of spare socks as well as grey, navy or black tracksuit bottoms and jumper in their kit for outside P.E.

Jewellery is not permitted during P.E. Therefore, children should be able to remove all jewellery/earrings by themselves. If they find removing earrings difficult, then it would be best if they didn’t wear earrings on a P.E. day, (they may also want to start practising removing earrings and putting them back in at home).

Please ensure that all P.E. kit (including plimsolls) is NAMED!

General Information:



To save school shoes from becoming spoilt, we strongly recommend that the children bring in a pair of outdoor shoes or wellies to keep in school to change into for playtimes! The children will be going outside for playtime, wherever possible, even when it is drizzling/lightly raining!


Finally, if you would like to discuss any aspect of your child’s schooling or have any queries or worries, then please do not hesitate to contact us. You can either; send a note in with your child, speak to us at the end of the day, phone the school office on 01342 323906 or email the office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



The Year 2 Team:     Miss Saunders, Miss Bretland, Mrs Boggis and Mrs Billings